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Martin Brunold

I am a maker of brass reproductions of astrolabes and related instruments since 1975. In the course of all the years I have made many instruments in old tradition of handcraft. The reproductions follow antique originals but are not exact copies or facsimiles. The stars, shifting their positions during the centuries due to precession, are not "corrected" to our epoch. Corrections enables us to use the instruments today. The Information is found in the detailed manual (German/English). The instruments are not laquered and therefore Need some care until a natural Patina has developed. Each Instrument is signed with the literals "MB" and numbered.

But now, due to my age, there are growing problems with eyes and hands. Therefore I have ended production 2015. The stock of instruments will be empty one day.

So I am lucky to have a very skilled successor. Since 2013 I have been working closely with Torsten Hiller in D-Brandenburg. The production is now in his hands. We both are commited to the same craft tradition: quality, functionality, aesthetics, and staying close to the historical craft and the original instruments. All my instruments are built to my original templates and sold by Torsten Hiller in Brandenburg.

It ist possible to make an order here at "astrolabe.ch", but I will send such an order to Torsten Hiller. I recommend to order directly by my successor and friend:

Mr. Torsten Hiller
Buchenweg 69a
D-14776 Brandenburg, Germany
webpaget: www.chronos-manufaktur.de

Martin Brunold

Technique of construction


The technique of construction corresponds mainly to the past centuries: drilling, sawing, filing, soldering, screws. But also modern technique is used: e.g. gluing, or the computer for calculations. The inscriptions are not engraved but etched. The polished brass is not laquered for aesthetic reasons. Until a natural patina has developed, some care is needed to avoid stains: rub the instrument with a towel.
Due tho the handcrafted nature of production, several weeks may be required for delivery, but I endeavour to carry most of the instruments in stock.

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